Producer Showcase 2017 | Mimmico | 9pm Sat 6-May

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Kicking off the 2017 Producer Showcase is Mimmico, a pairing between Mimm (Mitch Goulopoulos) and Ico (Federico Conti). I’m expecting a deep, dark take on minimal dub tech, lets see if I’m right. Tune in Saturday from 9pm. Read their bio below…

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Who? Mimmico
When? 06 May 2017
Links Mimm
Bio Local Melbourne producer & DJ, Mimm has both ears to the underground sound with his specialised & highly selective take on minimal, dub house & techno.
Influenced by stripped back grooves, minimal, his friends and many others from a broad spectrum of electronic music. He surrounds himself constantly in luscious deepness and the love of his craft has made Mitch a permanent fixture for the last 6 years behind the wheels at the renowned Killing Time Bar.
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